2 comments on “Decisions, decisions, the sequel…

  1. And there were even more car-related things I got rid of when I sold my Toyota. There was no more anxiety about what to do with it during a hurricane evacuation, no more wondering if it would pass the next inspection, no more writing of two car insurance checks each year…. All very good things!

    I have a deep appreciation for modern life and its conveniences, not the mention the little grace notes of life, but Janis Joplin had a bit of a point. There is a good bit of freedom in having “nothing left to lose”! Maybe that’s the modern rocker’s equivalent of Thoreau’s “Simplify, simplify….”

  2. I too have one of those fold away bicycles. Seemed like a great idea when I bought it but it has spent more time folded than as a bicycle so like you I believe I will be parting with it very soon.
    Never mind it was good while it lasted!

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