3 comments on “Henry feeding

  1. Oh, lookie! I wandered off and wandered back fully expecting to see a lazy Henry taking in the rays of his lamp, and he’s up-and-at’em! Look how healthy and pink that little tongue is…
    He looks rather enthusiastic about the whole thing.

    Does he like grapes? I don’t know why that crossed my mind except that the sight of him being fed his lettuce recalled our old family joke ~ someone always was saying to someone else, “Peel me a grape, will you?” Apparently we thought that represented the height of luxury. (I probably learned about such things in a class about Romans or Greeks.)

    On a sadder note, many sea turtles in the southeastern US are suffering terribly from the cold – many have washed up on beaches, stunned. Luckily there’s a great turtle rescue network that’s working diligently on their behalf, and the temperatures finally are beginning to moderate so the problems will lessen.

    What fun for you to have your friend “back” again, and what fun for us to be able to watch the goings-on.

  2. Oh – I forgot to ask. Did you get your problems with the photos and etc. resolved? If not, feel free to drop an email. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty good at digging at answers from people who are experts 😉

  3. Yes Shoreacres, Henry likes grapes, apple (both sliced thinly) and a variety of other fruit, vegetables and garden plants. Some foods need to be avoided or used sparingly (these are mentioned on various tortoise websites) for example, high protein food may encourage growth which is too rapid, leading to “shell” deformities etc. They should also have a good source of calcium (cuttlefish bone as fed to caged birds)to ensure healthy “shell” formation.
    I didn’t try to correct the photo problems in that earlier post. They have happened once or twice in the past for no apparent reason and the problem disappeared subsequently. So I don’t think the problem was of my making, and probably not the fault of WordPress either. It irritated me at the time because I tend to choose the position of each picture in a post for a reason. If it became a regular occurrence I would look for an explanation.
    Thanks for your offer of help.
    Henry has been eating “like a horse” today but interrupted the feast long enough to send his regards!

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