4 comments on “Henry 2010

  1. Hoorah! I just must run off now, but I’ll be back to take this all in. And your crocheted tortoise is wonderful – what a clever thing to do.

    I’m so glad for the update!

    • I am a bit fed up with WordPress tonight. It took several attempts to persuade my text to remain left-aligned. The pictures have not stayed where I put them and my caption for the final picture, although present in the picture editing window and apparently saved, has disappeared completely. Also in the picture editing window was a paragraph of Latin text (where did that come from?) which would not delete but which seems to have caused the big white border under the final picture.
      Any explanation for these hiccups would be welcome.

  2. Welcome back Henry! I’m sure it doesn’t feel like a year ago that I was saying this before. That is a fab crochet tortoise, Jennie is very clever, maybe she should do a craft stall with me next Christmas.

  3. Hello Welshpurpletree, I was amazed at how many craft projects Jennie completed last year. The craft stall sounds like the sort of challenge that might interest her – perhaps you had better ask her.
    2009 passed very quickly for us too, probably thanks to a succession of domestic projects plus two good holidays. I am finding that time passes much more quickly now that I have become accustomed to being retired.

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