2 comments on “The Gurkhas, a new campaign

  1. Really very interesting to see this come around again. I just spent some time reading about the Gurkhas in more depth – it’s like a short course in British history. They certainly are woven through the whole fabric of the military – I was amazed to see they had served even in Sierra Leone. I’m going to pursue that, just from curiousity. I suspect they arrived post-civil war, long after I was there. But it still will be interesting to see.

    It was in Freetown I had the utterly memorable experience of ordering iced tea at a hotel and having the entire staff turn around and look at me as though I’d grown two heads. I tried and tried to explain – finally, I got a nice pot of tea, lemon, sugar, cream and two big glasses of ice. Then, they all stood back to see what I was going to do with it.

    And I wasn’t even a tourist, really. But inexperienced? You bet! 😉

    By the way – how are you getting on with the weather? I just saw that amazing satellite pic today that shows all of your island under snow cover. My friend who lives in Twywn has been fussing, and another friend’s husband was caught in that tunnel problem a couple of weeks ago.
    We’re exceedingly cold here – well below freezing, with terrific wind.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Henry’s delayed his reappearance for a bit!

  2. Hello Shoreacres, What with the weather, the economy and the increasing amount of political nonsence that is likely to soak up the airwaves as the General Election approaches, the new Gurkha Campaign may have difficulty in making itself heard in the media. I hope it is successful.
    Temperatures here have remained around or below freezing for some days, so the snow has been lying around and diminishing only slowly, with a threat of more to come tomorrow. This extra cold weather is forecast to last for another ten days but apparently many local authorities (including ours)have only enough road salt/grit to last 1-2 days.
    I will keep you in suspense about news of Henry. Watch out for a new post within hours!

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