4 comments on “Watching for Henry

  1. Oh, my goodness! How can time have flown so? Now: are the locals placing bets? is there an over/under on the date of emergence? I see possibilities….

    But how interesting that they need to wake up in time to begin replenishing their reserves. Nature is so amazing – think of all the processes that are taking place around us all the time, completely unnoticed. Do you suppose turtles dream?

    I’m glad for the update, and I’ll be “watching this space”.

  2. Yes, it crossed my mind that I might start taking bets regarding the date of Henry’s reappearance. However, I am always slightly nervous about Henry towards the end of his hibernation as I think it is probably the most risky period in his annual cycle so I decided not to “tempt Fate”. Call me a superstitious old celt if you like!

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