2 comments on “Keyboard troubles

  1. It’s compressed air time for mine – I’m not at all averse to purchasing a cannister of the stuff, particularly when my problem is kitty fur. That part should be easy.

    What interests me is the letter-wearing. I’ve lost the inner half of my “S” and the upper part of my “L”. As you rightly point out, they shouldn’t be wearing at all. Mine is only a year and ten months old. I still have the old Corona typewriter from my high school days, for heaven’s sake, and the keys are fine.

    But I do wonder what the patterns of wear say about the USERS of these things. Wouldn’t it be fun to survey a hundred keyboard users and see which keys are wearing? Is it something physical – the way hands are allowed to rest on the keyboard? Or might it be that I just happen to write S and L heavy text, while you use more TIOL and Ns?

    As you can tell, it’s Sunday evening, and I’m letting my mind roam a little freely. But I do wonder if there’s anyone out there losing the printing on their Y,B and Q keys 🙂

  2. The old Corona typewriter! What nostalgia! It’s only 25 years, or thereabouts, since I ceased to use a typewriter yet it seems like a lifetime. Back in the ’70s I had an ancient Imperial 66 which stood tall on four sturdy legs with its interior completely visible. I had acquired it by intercepting my boss on his way to the office rubbish skip with Imperial in his arms. Prior to that I had an IBM Golfball electric typewriter which would work for a short time, then overheat and take an extended rest (I knew quite a lot of people like that!). The Imperial was replaced by an Olivetti portable. The machine that I really regret getting rid of was my father’s Bluebird portable in its elegantly shaped wooden case.
    On thinking about these things it seems like, and in fact was, a totally different world.

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