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  1. What a great idea. I wonder if part of the problem with so few older folks availing themselves of sites like Cycle Social is there is a lower percentage of the over-60s who regularly use the internet? Would you say you and Granny Anne are typical of those in your own age bracket in your use of the net? At least among your acquaintances? My mother never got the hang of it, it terrified her. I think she thought somehow she could do some real damage to either my computer or something the few times I tried to get her online. Maybe you could use a local community center to set up a real-life meet-n-greet type thing, run an ad in the local paper? Post notices at the local grocery stores, any place that might get a lot of foot traffic. Bookstores?

  2. You may well be right DD, yet we “silver surfers” are supposed to be doing quite well with the Web. I must admit that I don’t know of many of our age who are computing, let alone online.
    Mind you, my remarks apply equally to other age groups, as borne out by the figures that I have quoted.
    As a fairly new resident in this city I have been very patient and have quietly researched the local situation both on the ground and online, on and off, for nearly two years and have avoided making too many waves. Thus I have yet to apply your excellent suggestions. Almost certainly, I would have applied these earlier had I wanted to start a formal club (with a committee and all that) but I have been there and done that more than once during my earlier, more active, years and all I want now is a small, informal group with whom to cycle a couple of times a week. However, the time has come to make things happen!

  3. If I were there I’d be on a bike right beside you! I don’t even have a bike, but think about it all the time. Part of my problem is the auto traffic around here, and little time or money to invest in bike racks, driving off somewhere, etc. And, I haven’t been able to find anyone willing to do more “social cycling”. The bikers around here are all in spandex and high-tech helmets and ride bikes that look like the tires are a half-inch wide…..

    As for the age thing – I do have an aunt and mother who are alternately bored or terrified by computers, but they are 86 and 91, respectively. I’m 63, and most of the folks I know personally who blog or otherwise utilize the net regularly are in the 55-70 year old range. None of us are spending much time with Worlds of Warcraft, but we get around well enough to find others with the same interests.

    I’m wondering – are there already established seniors’ groups in the churches or community centers who might be interested in sponsoring such activities? And what about bicycle shops? There are three or four in Houston which have rides for different age and endurance levels several times a month. Those are good places to meet other cyclists.

  4. You would be very welcome Shoreacres and what with birds, boats, sailing and the sea etc. etc. we would have plenty to talk about.
    Fortunately, traffic is not a problem if time and route are chosen carefully and nearly all drivers have been very considerate to date. However, the choice of route is limited if you want to avoid the toughest hills AND “undesirable” areas.
    Thanks for your suggestions re. local sources of “senior cyclists”. I will be “on the case” again this week.

  5. Hi – thanks for this – I have just joined, and started up a thread on the Slow Bicycle movement … you never know, it may start something!

    I find running errands on the bike is a great way to increase my cycling time, even if I don’t necessarily feel like going for a ride. I may not feel like it at the start but by the time I’ve done what I set out to do, I am usually enjoying it again, even if it’s a road I’ve ridden a 100 times. Fitness is secondary for me…

  6. Hi Disgruntled, nice to hear from you.
    I am very much in favour of the Slow Bicycle Movement though I was disappointed with the “official” website as I thin k they were TOO laid back and hardly anything ever seemed to happen!
    Slow cycling is certainly what I do, if at all, and basic fitness is all that interests me – ie. avoidance of excessive fatness!
    I suspect that there is a fairly high risk of cycle theft around here, which diminishes only slightly if you happen to be riding the bike at the time. Cyclists are not much in evidence around here apart from the odd lycra-clad weekend warrior – not that I have any objection at all to them, except that I think they could do a LOT more (as established cyclists) to encourage and help newcomers to the hobby/sport at all levels in their local areas.
    See you at Cycle Social!

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