6 comments on “Homeward Bound

  1. Kind of you to offer but no thanks. I really do not need the brochures as I am being kept informed of their contents on a very regular basis as it is – but have resisted all temptations so far because next year’s adventures have been narrowed down already to a choice from just two so far as cruises are concerned. I think we may do both before we look at cruise brochures again in about 2012.

  2. Oh, my goodness! How absolutely wonderful! There just is something about the sea I’ve felt since my first voyage – now that I don’t have the chance to sail much, it delights me that I can look at photos like those and feel the movement of a boat – right here at my computer!

    And yes, there’s enough ocean for everyone, and more than enough for some!

    The ships remind me of my neighborhood. Here on the edge of Galveston Bay as we are, we watch the tankers and freighters moving up and down the Houston ship channel on a daily basis. The car carriers look much like the Ikea ship, and of course a container vessel is a container vessel.

    I’ve never actually seen the Dover Cliffs. I was there once, taking the ferry over to France after a week around Salisbury (my infamous winter solstice trip out to Stonehenge). They’re one of those sights that have embedded themselves in my imagination, though, from listening to an uncle tell his war stories.

    Another wonderful entry – and thanks again for the bit of ocean!

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