2 comments on “Stockholm

  1. Oh, my! How wonderful. I finally have had some larger chunks of time to really read your wonderful travelogue and look at the photos. They are just delightful.

    I started here, with Stockholm, because I have “ties” of a sort to the area. My dad’s parents both came from south of the city. They arrived separately in Minneapolis, married and moved to Iowa. My childhood was filled with Swedish food, language and customs. Now, I feel my mother’s Irish side taking over – the storytellers!

    The photo of the city from the harbor is lovely. And I especially like the next-to-last. I love big and old, which makes European buildings perfect things to look at. We poor Americans need to be exposed to “old” more often than we are. When I first traveled to London and got a look at the Roman pavement… well… It almost was incomprehensible.

    Glad there were no storm-induced incidents at dinner. You’re right about those frocks!

  2. What an interesting history! No doubt you will have gathered from my “Family History” page that I have Irish ancestry as well – and proud of it.
    Fully agree with you about “big and old”, especially old. Older buildings, cars, boats etc. had STYLE. Modern design too often amounts to a blot on the landscape (designed by a committee – of accountants no doubt) or at best gimmicky and overworked to make an impression.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the posts about our travels, both here and on Granny-Anne’s blog.

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