4 comments on “St Petersburg, part 1, The Yusupov Palace

  1. Unfortunately opulence and luxury anywhere in the world are built on the shoulders of the poor – who should take it upon themselves to wear big coats and filch anything they can 😉

  2. Few people make serious wealth without walking on a lot of other people which is one reason why I cannot understand the deference which is still shown to such people – often by the very people who have been exploited.

  3. Great pictures, the opulent palaces of St Petersburg were at the expense of many others who suffered but it was this way in many parts of the world. I think its worth noting that this is the palace where Rasputin spent his last minutes alive before he drown in the Neva river (only after being poisoned and shot several times). There is a whole room devoted to this part of the palace’s history.

  4. Thank you. Tes, I did see that room and took a photograph which, I decided, was not useful enough to be included here.
    While taking the photograph I brushed against one of the pillars in the room, to the considerable annoyance of one of the female guards, all of whom seemed deeply unhappy in their work and who no doubt saw their duty of hospitality as amounting to no more than allowing us to live! I must say that, in contrast, the guides on our coach trips were warm, friendly individuals who made our journeys very interesting. I would like to visit other palaces in St Petersburg some day.

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