2 comments on “The Baltic Capitals

  1. I confess to prejudices about cruise ships. I’ve never been aboard one, and have no desire to be aboard one, but that’s only because I imagine them a bit like jails, or Reno or Vegas stuck in the middle of the water.

    Now, I’ll grant you that’s unfair – particularly given the wonderful picture you paint of your time on board. I suppose it’s just that the sailing I did reinforced my love of being on the water in minimal company – it’s photos like your last one that appeal, more than those of buffets or lounges.

    But there’s always something to share about voyages, no matter the craft – like sea sickness!
    I was really interested in your comment about Granny Anne’s sleepiness. That was my usual reaction offshore. A bit of a nap, and I’d be fine.

    The other little detail that appealed was the publication of the log at the end of the cruise. I didn’t realize they did that, and it’s a very nice touch.

    I’m so glad you had such a fine trip. I’m looking forward to reading more – but now it’s time for me to take myself to bed!

  2. Thanks Shoreacres for your interesting comments. I could reply at great length here but will not do so just now as I am sure that more posts from Granny Anne and myself during the days ahead will refer to the points that you have mentioned.

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