4 comments on “Motor insurance

  1. They just love to jack up your rates for no reason. All the credit card issuers are doing it now, hiking rates even for people with perfect credit. I ditched an insurance company a few years ago for doing that to me, and I had been with them since my first insurance when my parents added me to their policy. I won’t even say how many years that is 😉 I did have a couple claims over the years (I was rear-ended once, t-boned once). I had additionally carried renters insurance, later home-owners insurance, with the same company. I guess they didn’t think they’d gotten enough money out of me over the years.

  2. Hello Digital Dame, it seems to me that insurers have long since lost the plot, deliberately. I think that insurance is a good thing, if it means that contributions by the many will cover the costs of the genuine misfortunes of the few.
    However, insurers have failed to regulate the numbers of “the few” by adequately penalising regular claimants at renewal time with sufficiently high premiums and increased excess charges etc. Thus the irresponsible element among the few, who have increased in numbers over the years, have no great incentive to mend their ways and the rest of us are paying through the nose for their carelessness and sheer negligence. Meanwhile the insurers couldn’t care less but are operating a virtual monopoly in which none of them is able or willing to offer a fairer deal to those who have cost them nothing at all for almost half a century.

  3. Did your “customer service”(an oxymoron if there ever was one) representative speak English? In the US most of the so called customer service representative work has been out sourced to India. Unfortunately and deep south accent is apparently a totally foreign language to them.

    I also agree with you rant, it would seem those with a spotless driving record and low mileage would be charter members of the minimal cost insurance plan. FWIW in the US if you don’t own a car for a period of time (but do maintain your license) when you do get a car you will be charged the excessive, exorbitant rate that a new driver has to pay, something along the lines of a 600% penalty increase.

    Insurance to me is nothing but legalized gambling by licensed crooks.


  4. I always shop around for my insurance every year and am amazed at the variety of quotes offered. I have pointed out to some that surely loyalty to their company should count, but obviously it doesn’t – apart from one company whose sensible customer care lady said she’d try to price match and did.

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