5 comments on “More folding bike

  1. Hi,

    Unrelated to the IKEA bike, but I recently bought a Raleigh Oakland bike (same as the one you bought) and as the gears are causing me some confusuion, thought I’d ask you about them.

    With the right hand setting on 6 seems to be the ‘lowest’ gear, and I occasionally go into 5th. yet I have left the other gears untouched (and the Friction setting is beyond me), as they’re practically unusable. Basicaly the gear system confuses me. Which gear combinations do you use?

    • Wowser, Apologies for delay in replying but I have been on holiday since August 28th. I cannot really comment on the gears other than to say that I am no expert but managed to adjust mine eventually with the aid of a couple of video clips from the internet – found via Google Video when searching for derailleur gear adjustment (cannot remember where they came from but Etape TV seems to ring a bell). Seems to me to be a delicate task where the difference between success and failure depends on very fine adjustments. On the other hand, a good bike shop shouldn’t charge too much to sort it (no charge at all if part of the first after-sales service), provided that there are no damaged components.
      I changed to a Brooks saddle at an early stage as explained in an earlier post. However, there is no guarantee that this would suit you.

  2. Thanks for your reply! I’ll have a fiddle with the gears if they become a nuisance. A bike crashed into the back of me today, which can;t have helped the situation :p

  3. Hi, I got one of these via ebay just over 7 years ago. It has proved a tough little commuter for short, urban runs. As you say, the chainguard is a weak point and what’s left of mine is now held on with cable ties. Do you happen to know if there are any replacement chainguards available that fit or can be readily adapted to do so? Thanks

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