3 comments on “Reading the dots

  1. What a lovely story! And as I remember from my own clarinet days, those pads can be tricky little devils. As you noted, the damage isn’t always apparent.

    And you’re exactly right – the pleasure of music in a group often exceeds that of solitary endeavors. I’ve found the one exception to be guitar. I’ve spent many happy hours just plunking away by myself. Nevertheless, when I still was playing regularly, nothing was more fun than being with a few others and slowly, slowly coming together as a group. The whole always was more than the sum of the parts.

  2. I really miss my saxophone. It’s currently on hiatus. I loaned it to my nephew, because he couldn’t afford to buy an instrument for school. There was always a pad or key thatI had to glue back onto it, but it a great sound to it.


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