8 comments on “Malta

  1. Congratulations for your blog.

    Should you want to immerse yourself into the historical details of the island of Malta, then get yourself an interactive dvd of Valletta and Vittoriosa. Before your visit view a virtual tour of the city (1hr) then upload voice content on your mobile and when visiting use the attached booklet whilst you roam around like a local

    http://www.cultel.com explains it all

  2. Aha, I was wondering why your blog had been so quiet lately! What a fun trip, and those boats are so distinctive, very cool! Sometimes that’s one of the things I hate about living here in the U.S., we’re so far away from other countries (well, except Canada and Mexico, of course), it’s much harder to take a trip like that. Then again, some parts of the U.S. feel like foreign countries anyway 😉

  3. Oh, I’m delighted that you were off enjoying yourself. I missed your postings. The photos are great, and make me realize I really had no image of Malta in mind. Malta has meant the Maltese Falcon and Maltese crosses (was that during the Crusades?) and that’s it.

    I particularly enjoyed looking at the boats and the narrow streets. I’ve seen some photos of Spanish harbors that strike me in the same way. I think it’s the coloring of the boats – so vibrant. Will you be doing some painting from your photos?

    Like Digital Dame I wish some of these places were closer, but I must say that my recent trip to Mississippi has reminded me of how rich “at home” travel can be. Now, I’ll go enjoy the photos again.

  4. Yes Jo, it was a super holiday but far too short. And this post was a very superficial description. I failed to mention that, almost without exception, everyone we dealt with, however briefly, was friendly, welcoming and helpful, and this included the staff of Air Malta both in Malta and at London Heathrow. I hope to return, perhaps a few times, during the years to come.
    Lawrence Saliba, thank you. That interactive DVD looks interesting and and a good idea. I will spend it bit more time on the cultel.com site later today.
    Digital Dame, I have not been avoiding you deliberately! I could have written a post about the holiday 2-3 weeks earlier but couldn’t decide how I might do justice to my Maltese experience. I could write more about the atmosphere in Malta, the local people and – the impression at least – that their young people continue to uphold standards which have long since been abandoned by far too many of their contemporaries here in the UK.
    Shoreacres, how kind of you to say that you missed my posts. You were right about the painting. Though I took well over 300 photos during the five full days that we spent on Malta, a lot of them, including the boats, were intended primarily as references for paintings.

  5. Those are some great pictures of Malta! We were there in late June 2009 – it was a very short visit, too short! Mdina was beautiful, and Valletta and the harbor stunning too, as in your pictures. Just came across your blog post as I was searching for something else Malta-related – thanks for the brief pause to think about our lovely time in Malta.

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