23 comments on “Raleigh/Ikea folding bike manual

  1. Obviously I still have connections in the cruising community, and waterway cruisers of all sorts stash these folding bikes all the time on board their boats. I’ll make some enquiries and post a note or two on some bulletin boards and see what I can scare up.

  2. Thanks to both of you. Have emailed The Folding Society and will probably contact a few sellers of the IKEA bike on Ebay to see whether any will help. A bit cheeky perhaps but the worst they can do is refuse!

  3. There are four IKEA bikes on Ebay at the moment and the seller of the first one has informed me that there was no owners manual but folding instructions were supplied. He says he will try to make a copy for me – which will be brilliant. I await developments.

  4. That’s great, finally someone who has some info! Nice of him to make a copy. If he could scan the directions in as a .pdf that would be ideal.

    It’s quite disappointing that Raleigh couldn’t be bothered putting together even a tiny owner’s manual. Makes we wonder what the rest of their customer service is like.

  5. Yes, I was disappointed by Raleigh. Mind you, Folding Society couldn’t be bothered to reply at all. As for my Ebay contact, some days have passed without further word from him, so it is not looking hopeful.
    Anyway, at least I know now that it is not an owners manual that I am looking for but just a copy of the folding instructions. Who would have thought that such a simple thing would be so hard to find.

  6. I am having the same problem, I just bought a second hand Raleigh IKEA and can’t fold it into a very compact way. Some instructions would be great. It seen that the bars are set up wrong, I would have thought they would fold flat aginst the wheel ? Please let me know if you find out.

  7. I have a copy of the instructions if you email me I will scan the copy and send it to you. Christine

  8. Hi Christine I would be very greatfull for a copy but I can not work out how to get to your e mail adress, nothing happens when I click on your name.

    Thanks Natalie

  9. Natalie, you are not alone in wanting a copy of these instructions. I have your email address and will send you a copy, and I will reproduce them as a post here if that proves possible.

  10. Hi all no problem on the instructions, hopefully Justwilliams will post a copy of the ones I sent him and I hope it helps. Christine

  11. Hi, I found out that the second hand bike I bought this past weekend is the IKEA/Raleigh bike (£50!) and I would really appreciate some instructions, since I lost my bike lock on the way to university today and it’d be nice to carry it about.

  12. Hi, I am looking for one of these ikea /raleigh folding bikes would really appreciate it if somebody knows somebody who…who has one in their shed and is willing to p[art with it,

    Loved the photo with nelsons pillar in the background ,I was in Dublin with my Dad the day it was blown up , terrifying.

    all the best ,

  13. Claire
    Thanks for your comment. I have been waiting for someone to confirm what I have long suspected – that the handlebars need to be removed to fit comfortably into the supplied bag. Which is why I think the folding arrangement built into the handlebar stem is surplus to requirements and deceptive. It would have been simpler, cheaper to manufacture, and better in terms of engineering practice, to have dispensed with the folding arrangement, made some sort of spline fitting to ensure accurate alignment of the handlebars and extended the tighterning screw to the top of the handlebar stem to be tightened by (say) something resembling a large wingnut – thus dispensing with the Allen key (which is not a good solution anyweay, especially for frequent use by commuters etc.).
    Having said all that, it is easy to be critical and I would like to know about their design history.

  14. aah, i knew it!

    I’d always thought that the handlebars seem to fold unecessarily; there’s no locking mechanism or space to fit the handlebars when folded.

    Could you possibly send me a copy of the instructions / upload them somewhere? Gonna have fun playing with bike assembly meanwhile 🙂


  15. THank you thank yoU! I’ve been looking for these instructions for ages!! Have been using my ikea bike loads but been unable to fold it! Will try this on the weekend!

    You are so kind 😀


    p.s I hope you love your bike as much as I enjoy mine, I have a little basket on the back and do my shopping on it.

  16. Thank you for these pages. I just bought one of these (60 quid, maybe I should have haggled a bit more :D) and yes, the handle doesn’t quite fold.

  17. When you look at the silly prices of bikes in general, and folding bikes in particular, I think the IKEA bike is very good value for £60. The bike I would really like cost over £700 the last time I looked!

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