3 comments on “Dram’s story. Part 2.

  1. I recognise that look of determination on a certain someone’s face!

    Love the story about the biscuit cupboard. My two know when “their” cupboard is being opened but as they’re my shadows and rarely venture into a different room without me, I suspect they cheat and keep watching me just in case I happen to open it!

    Snipe’s too much of a gulumphing idiot (as B describes her) to bother about things like keeping herself clean (why bother when both your canine and feline best buds will clean you later anyway?!), but Midge is extremely fastidious and not only avoids getting her tootsies dirty if she can help it, promptly cleans herself. So glad Dram did it too, was starting to worry!

  2. More to come yet, Welshpurpletree, but you might need the tissues handy for Part 5.
    BmS, you may have heard some of this tale already and you won’t be surprised to hear that I have “mis-remembered” one detail already according to S&J: Apparently Jennie came with us to collect the puppy. No doubt there will be corrections on jennieworld and grannysramblings after the series ends 🙂

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