3 comments on “Another painting

  1. Now there’s a familiar face. I didn’t know Dram very well but you certainly captured him in your painting.

    Looking forward to your posts about him.

    PS sorry about Snipe’s reaction to your beard this morning!

  2. Jo, don’t worry about Snipe’s reaction – I took it as a friendly greeting. She is super, even if she does have unconventional food fads (and I like Midge too).
    Actually I am wondering whether Pedigree Chum would be interested in making a new flavour for the more active dog – “Essence of Sofa”. What do you think?

  3. LOL 🙂

    And brambles, she likes eating those too. But not as much as the Cardiff City Council food waste bags…

    Luckily no phones, answering machines or doors!

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