7 comments on “Spam, page views, Twitter, etc.

  1. I get loads of spam on my blogs, frequently along the lines of “Great site!”. I think they are either after your e-mail address(thinking you will contact them directly), or just seeing if their comment gets posted here in which case they will run another automated commentor that posts links in the comments. I suspect this is what the comment about your blog title is.

    Good plan to reply in a new blog post though. Your RSS address is https://justwilliams.wordpress.com/feed
    You can add it to a blog agregator program/website like http://www.google.com/reader
    It’s great, I just login to Google reader once a day and any new blog posts (from all the blogs I’ve added a subscription to) ordered by the time they were posted rather than grouped by blog. It means I don’t have to remember to check lots of different blogs and go to each of the websites.

  2. Yeah, sorry, but that “that’s a great name for this blog” is in fact spam. I get them as well, sometimes two at a time, always with a link to a Web site Russia. Overall, I’ve been seeing an increase in spam in general lately. Not sure if they’re just becoming more active or if I somehow made it onto their radar.

  3. I’ve suddenly shot up from 4-5 a day to well over a hundred. Pretty vile stuff it is.

    And yes, Digital Dame is right, the “great name for this blog” comment is spam. I’ve had it so many times!

    I now mark any odd comments that don’t make sense as spam, just in case.

  4. I thought so. Akismet does a great job in separating dodgy comments and I always delete them. This time I decided to write a post. Thanks to all of you for your replies.
    Gregory, your comment was listed as spam as well! Thanks for the explanation of RSS, very helpful.

  5. The spam does seem to cycle. I went through a period where I was receiving at least a hundred truly offensive “spams” per day. But, another blogger on the WP forums said, “Be patient, and they’ll go away.” After about a month they did, and now I’ve been nearly spam free for about three months.

    Much more distressing are the sploggers – those who engage in content theft in order to have something to paste on their money-grubbing little pages. But, I’ve learned how to deal with them, too. It just takes much more time. I don’t see My Free Copyright here – it’s a free registration service that has made dealing with the thieves much easier. I’ve never had to wait more than 2-3 days for the offending sites to be taken down.

  6. There is a limit to how far I am prepared to go to continue enjoying writing a blog. It might be a different matter if I were a professional writer, artist or photographer etc. but the content of this blog has no commercial value to me so I am inclined to think that if someone “steals” it, so what? In the memorable words of Catherine Tate “Am I bothered?” I do restrict the rights available with some of my photographs that are on Flickr but I doubt that it makes much difference to anyone who wants to abuse the copyrights.
    Being a bit cynical (at times) what does worry me is the proliferation of seemingly well-meaning free services on the web. I have had a look at myfreecopyright.com but have not yet spent enough time on that site to discover who they are, who is behind them etc.
    The other area which has alerted my suspicions recently is the large number of free applications for use with Twitter, a lot of which promise to do things that Twitter does already. I do sometimes wonder how many of them are just a front for a means of collecting email addresses and passwords.

    • I suppose the trick lies in figuring out which of the programs, services and applications is truly useful to us as individuals. I’ve found My Free Copyright extremely useful – it’s made my life easier. On the other hand, I just can’t “get” twitter. I’ve tried, but it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose for me right now.
      In the end, they’re all just tools, and I suppose the trick is picking the right one for the job.

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