4 comments on “The plumber’s mate’s story

  1. That’s a very impressive looking shower! It’s a bit like a space-age capsule from which you might be transported to another dimension.

    I can’t remember the last time I had a bath. I much prefer a shower as I need waking up in the morning. It’s a bit of a fag cleaning the glass screen though as we have hard water but a quick swish with white vinegar seems to do the trick.

    Glad that Granny Anne likes it (most important that the lady of the house approves).

  2. Dancing… The photo of the shower was taken with my Canon Powershot A650 pushed right up into the top corner of the bathroom and resting against the ceiling, at the limit of my reach from the top of some folding steps and trying to stay out of the picture. A great feature of this Canon is that the viewing screen can be turned to face various directions, including forward as in this instance. This was handy because there was no room for error, as you can see.
    So there is some unavoidable distortion which exaggerates the space-age appearance of the shower cabinet – and it feels a bit like a tardis too, ie. bigger on the inside!

  3. Fabulous shower! Very sleek and modern looking.

    I had to do some plumbing repairs awhile back, and I was told that virtually all home improvement projects involve at least 5 trips to the local home improvement store (over here we have Home Depot and Lowe’s). I’m pretty sure that’s what mine took.

    The assembly instructions are universally bad. I think they have the same two guys in China write them all. These things never go as smoothly as we think they will when we begin 😉

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