9 comments on “petition in support of struck-off nurse

  1. I think they should strike off the management who allowed the poor treatment to take place, and restore the power of management to an old style matron and ward sisters who have control of their wards and staff (including the domestic staff!)

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  3. Hi Digital Dame, the petition is for UK residents only and, sorry, I should have mentioned that.
    Am pleased to see that the petition has gained around 4,600 “signatures” in the past 48 hours and the momentum seems to be growing.

  4. Good morning,

    Back from my short holiday (too short!) and am just catching up. There was a whistleblower or two I followed during our Enron debacle, and there’s no doubt they require all the support we can muster. Even though I can’t sign the petition, I have several friends in the UK to whom I’ve sent the link, and at least a couple will surely follow through. An interesting and necessary post, I should say.

    On a much lighter note, I discovered my own wild “Henry” trucking along at the top of the Mississippi River levee during my trip. I have a lovely photo of him which will get posted eventually, although it took only my shadow to send him into the depths of his shell. Since I have very little natural dignity, I found I could at least have his portrait by getting down to “turtle level”. It was lots of fun.

  5. Thanks for supporting the petition by sending the link to UK friends. The petition is now almost 12,000 signatures in just five days, which seems to me to be very good in view of all the other demands on people’s time and attention.

    Am looking forward to seeing the portrait of “your” Henry!

  6. Its not the first time the NMC have made a “mistake” it is an organisation that is weak and getting weaker ,its frightened to make any stance that might rock the boat, it appears to be run by a lot of “yes” men and women looking after their own interests who can’t see the wood for the trees I wonder ” Quis cusodat custodes ” Unfortunetly there is very little support for working nurses,not only or at any time ,there is a need for members of the NMC to spend time at the coal face to enable it to have realistic expectations from a demoralised workforce who are forever having to change and give more with a dimished workforce .

  7. Both of our main political parties have been responsible for the ruination of the NHS and, as neither has a clue what needs to be done (obvious though it is to anyone with a sense of the relevant history) it seems likely that it will get a lot worse yet.

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