4 comments on “Henry’s Easter stroll

  1. What fun to see him out and about! To be quite frank, he appears to be living the tortoise equivalent of the good life. Unfortunate about the missing hedges, but we all have to cope with those now and then!

    I trust your Easter was lovely. I enjoyed the story of the anonymous violinist, by the way. Context can be everything!

  2. Pampered is the word. But we must be doing something right as he has been with us for well over 20 years. He hasn’t been out again since Sunday because it has been a lot cooler.
    The hedge has been transplanted to another garden so it was not just wasted. The stories, to which I linked in an earlier post, were discovered thanks to Twitter, on which I “follow” a few natural history and BBC sites among others.

  3. Good morning to you! Just dropping by to let you know that my new post contains the story of Doro, the name now given to “my” turtle. There’s also a little detail about how I found him and where he went. I told him about Henry, and he seemed quite interested. 😉

  4. Hi shoreacres, thanks for visiting. Your whole post is fascinating (I have just read it) and that Doro is pretty – but obviously cautious, probably because he/she was told when young not to speak to strangers!
    By the way, glad to find someone as daft as me who talks to the animals – it’s very therapeutic 🙂

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