3 comments on “Henry waits patiently

  1. I’m so glad for the update. I had a fox squirrel for eight years who helped me learn the fine art of caring for a wild creature. Squirrels are quite fond of dandelions, too, although acorns will do in a pinch. Every fall my freezer would fill up with acorns as I laid in our store for the winter.

    Of course, the squirrel didn’t hibernate. It’s been fascinating to read how you can”calibrate” Henry’s re-introduction to the garden and activity. Is the light or the warmth more important in bringing him out from hibernation?

    I’ll go back and re-read your other entries, as I’m sure I missed some details there. I was so taken with the fact that you had given Henry a home I just read in big gulps. It will be fun to watch him move into summer.

  2. I cannot say what brings Henry out of hibernation as both light and temperature are in short supply when he wakes up – especially when it is as early as January! Perhaps there is some mechanism linked to his body reserves that tells him when he will have to eat soon. I am sure that, once awake,light and temperature are of equal importance in keeping him active and eating, though his days ae short as yet (early April). Even so, on good days when he is able to see a bit of intermittent sunshine (still indoors of course) he will eat surprising amounts of lettuce, dandelion flowers and other goodies before burying himself under a pile of hay by late afternoon until the next day.

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