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  1. I somehow made it into the condron.us site, and ended up with something like 72 hits from them one day, my biggest day for stats! (I know, sad) I still occasionally see a couple visits a day via condron, but no one has ever left a comment coming in that way, that I’m aware of. Apparently just mentioning them in a blog post will get their web crawler to link to you. You may see a spike in traffic from this post.

  2. Digital Dame: It is 9pm here in the UK and, according to WordPress stats, Condron has referred 70 of the 92 views that I have had so far today. No comments from any of them and so, again, I have no idea about the precise nature of these views. So I think I will ignore statistics from now on and concentrate on content, here and on Twitter.

  3. My theory on the Condron (and probably Alphainventions as well) is that every time a blog flashes past for the 5 seconds or however long it’s on their main page, it gets recorded as a “hit”. I can’t think of any other way to explain the surge in views with no interaction from whoever supposedly viewed it.

  4. I used to watch the statistics avidly and then decided I was getting too caught up in them. It was interesting to hit the 10,000 mark but mainly as an excuse for a blog giveaway!

    I’ve removed my hit counter and, like you, am concentrating on the content and keeping a diary of sorts, together with the occasional genealogical post for the benefit (hopefully) of family members.

    Thanks to you, I’ve just joined Twitter too!

  5. Hey guys,

    Figured I would share my insight. Each time a user accesses condron.us a list of 100 blogs is generated. About 60 pulled from the condron.us blogroll and about 40 pulled at random from blogspot and wordpress. Each blog is shown for a default of 6 seconds; however, the user can adjust this interval to his/her desired length.

    Unfortunately, there is no way for me to control what gets registered as a hit, but I do my best to ensure that each hit is from a unique person. Also, there are a lot of great traffic analytic tools that you can use to better track your viewers, the one I use is Google analytics.

    Anyways, the point of my site is not to increase blog traffic but to provide an easy way for readers to find new interesting material.

    Would love to hear any comments, questions, or concerns… you can contact me through condron.us



  6. Thanks for your input Ryan. You certainly do make it easy to view the front page of a lot of blogs quickly. Perhaps some of us need to refine the top few inches of our home page in order to grab the attention of more potential visitors via sites such as yours.

  7. I used to use Alpha Inventions, but I had too many issues with the moderator. I also realized that while it is really cool at first to have incredible numbers on one day, they really don’t count as they have nothing to do with unique visits. Out of the thousands of hits that you can garner from that site, how many people actually visit and comment? Maybe 1 to 2 percent? Thas is until you can build up a loyal following.

    I also did not like the idea of bumping people . . .

    I’ve been showing up on Condron since Ryan began his site. Hits increase depending upon how you classify your blog, if you participate in the forum, and whether or not you mention Condron.us in your posts.

    My stats have been more realistic, and I find that more gratifying. To know that my stats reflect people who have actually taken a look at my blog is nice, but actual comments are always better.

  8. Since the brief encounter with Alphainventions I have no clear idea how many genuine visitors there have been. Having discovered that there seem to be various way of inflating the stats, I cannot even estimate how many genuine visitors there were before the AI episode. So from now on I propose to ignore stats and regard them as, for all practical purposes, meaningless.

  9. For what it is worth, I find that condron gives “better” readers than alphainventions. I use google analytics, and it shows that alphainventions users average 1.5 pages per visit and 1.1 minutes on my site. Condron users average 2.03 pages total and 13.1 minutes on the site. Condron users spend almost 12 times as much time on my site – and I generally assume that is a good thing.

    Google analytics are are fairly transparent and there is detailed documentation available showing exactly what a “unique visitor” is.

  10. Thank you for that info. When my sense of humour returns I may have a look at Google Analytics though I think my energy would be better spent producing some intelligent content, for a change!

  11. I use both Alpha Inventions and Condron, and have been very pleased. I do receive comments from people who find me through both sites, so there’s no question that there are at least some “real people” out there.

    I think a key is to take a long-term view of things. When I began using AI, I was receiving about 35-40 hits per day (or so) and my goal was to be averaging 50 discrete users per day for my blog at the end of one year. (I’m a writer and essayist with no Blogthings, quizzes, etc., so that seemed a reasonable goal. My posts are longer, and require reading.)
    Now, just about a month short of that one year mark, I’m averaging far more readers per day than I ever expected, not counting Condron and AI stats.

    Each day I take my total hits, subtract Alpha Inventions and Condron and consider the result my “real total” for the day. It’s clear to me that increased exposure is bringing more regular readers, and many of their blogs are now in my own reading rotation.

    One thing far too few bloggers consider is the “look” of their blog – its visual rhetoric.
    When someone gets a glimpse of a blog in a rotation, it will be the look that draws them in as much as content. You have to have good content for people to come back, but there are a lot of blogs that have gone out in public with no lipstick and their hair uncombed!

  12. Oh! and I should add that I’ve just browsed the rest of your blog and added you to my personal wordpress “blog surfer” – so you can count me as one who arrived from Condron as a living, breathing reader!

  13. Thank you for your comments and for adding this site to your blog surfer (now I am curious to know why you did such a rash thing!).
    I am sure that there is much to be said for your attitude to Alpha and Condron but my views have been coloured by the shock of seeing the 8,000 “hits”, achieved in approximately my first 12 months, doubled in just 24 hours by Alpha, who then ignored my requests for an explanation – which is just plain old ignorance and bad manners as far as I am concerned.

  14. Well, we all sort out AI and Condron as we will.

    As for putting you on my list of regular reads ~ I just felt yours was a blog I’d enjoy. And now, I’m laughing and laughing at a little confirmation I found. I just finished reading your entry about your daughter’s project – finding the five songs to take to the desert island. If you take a quick read of the following post, and click the Mozart link in the second paragraph, I believe you’ll smile, too! http://shoreacres.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/the-writing-life-practice-makes-human/

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