5 comments on “Books? What books?

  1. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! 🙂 Somebody say “Amen!”

    Not for the likes of us? What a strange person. I don’t have anywhere near as many books as you have, but I’m working on it. I always like to see a fellow bibliophile. When you spend too much time around people like that former co-worker of yours, you do start to question the addiction to books. I’m always glad to be reassured that I’m not alone!

  2. Yes I hated having so many books packed away in cardboard cartons for some time before our last house move. They survived quite well but I worried anyway as it requires only a slightly damp atmosphere, or a simple lack of ventilation, to cause lasting damage.
    Mind you, if, like us, you couldn’t remember exactly which books you had sold or given away while preparing for a downsizing removal, it is such fun to rediscover old favourites when unpacking later.

  3. Learning to read and reading is not ‘fun’ for many people, often this difficulty is hereditary, so there is little help or support coming from your parents and probably very few books in the family home, sometimes it is easier and less embarrassing to adopt a pose that says ‘not for the likes of us’ rather than admit you can’t read, or find reading very difficult. This tactic may serve a purpose at some stage in our lives, but sadly for many people it becomes a mind set for life, it’s a tragic loss.
    I read very few books as a child: I can’t start to tell you of my joy, that our son, now aged 11, who is dyslexic (as I am) has managed to learn to read with confidence and has surfed though ‘Harry Potter’ since Christmas.
    There are number of posts on my blog on how it feels to be dyslexic, find the link in the side bar.

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