6 comments on “Alphainventions -v- Clustrmap

  1. Thanks for the posting and for using ClustrMaps! You are right that the differences between counters can be a little ‘vexing’!

    We take great pride in the accuracy of our visit counts, which is based on
    what is widely regarded as the best third-party commercial geolocation
    database. Different counters can come up with inconsistent totals for a
    variety of reasons.

    1. Because both our list of countries and ‘other providers’ list of countries are
    based on 3rd-party databases, one of them may be incorrect, but it is not
    obvious which one! Ours has a great track record…

    2. It is possible to get VERY DETAILED
    statistics from log analysis software that analyses hits to *MANY PAGES* on
    your site, whereas our thumbnail map *ONLY* counts the number of times the
    thumbnail map it is displayed!!

    3. Most of the differences between different counters are explained in the
    answers to a series of questions on our FAQ page, in particular the five
    paragraphs beginning with


    (and a few ‘onward pointers’ contained in those few paragraphs).

    And also

    4. Overall, the ‘coarse-grained’ picture provided by all the services will be
    very comparable.

    5. Some counters are (almost) real time, whereas we have typically a one-day turnaround.
    There’s no reason ‘a priori’ to think that one is inherently more accurate
    than the other. We address the difference between different counters on our
    FAQ page as mentioned above, and note that the difference between real time
    and delayed updates is simply a pragmatic tradeoff. We go for the visual
    gestalt, and massive scalability: no other system can yet show millions of
    dots the way we can. On the other hand this decision necessitates a tradeoff,
    and we have opted for the delays because we can tremendous scalability from
    our special-purpose overnight batch runs. In the near future, we hope to be able to provide something like ‘the best of both worlds’… stay tuned!

    All the best,

    -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

  2. My thanks to the Clustrmaps team for that interesting and helpful reply. Yes, I had intended to “stay tuned”. Incidentally, Clustrmaps visitor statistics indicate that the free service is still available to me but if WordPress statistics are to be believed I no longer qualify!

  3. WordPress.com blogs use Google analytics and record hits, not unique visits. Sitemeter for example claims to record unique visits and page views. Typically Sitemeter gives a lower count than WordPress. This can in the main be explained by the fact that a Wordpres.com view or hit, may in fact represent only part of a post being downloaded. A post with several links and images may be counted as multiple hits by WordPress.com and a singular visit by Sitemeter.

    BTW thanks for stopping by my blog. I found your comments interesting.

    Please stop by again soon.

  4. Now that is interesting Peter. I am learning something new (rather a lot actually) every day. Perhaps, while I am in “statistics mode” I should have a look at Sitemeter. Thanks for all your comments.

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