8 comments on “Software hiccups

  1. I run Firefox almost exclusively at home, (I have MSIE, just don’t use it) in the office I’m forced to use MSIE. I can’t say I’ve had any trouble with it, in fact the only time I have trouble with the stats displaying on my blog page is at the office while using IE. Are you running Windows Vista by any chance? That’s a buggy program, and they’re already getting ready to release its replacement sometime this year.

  2. I’m using FF on Vista and while I’ve had a couple of problems installing some things, I’ve generally had a really positive experience. I *think* I may have got round the issue by installing things via the admin log in and then installing them from my log in but that was many months ago and I really can’t remember. Sorry!

    Have you done a google search to see if anyone else has had this problem? Or contacted the FF team to see what they suggest?

  3. Thank you both for your comments.
    Yes I am using Vista since the laptop was new just over a year ago. I have had no problems (which has made a pleasant change from my experience of some previous Windows versions) and will not be in a hurry to change to its replacement – on the principle that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (and if it is broke, go out and buy a Mac!).
    Jo, I was about to Google as you suggested but decided to look for other sources of Flash Player downloads first. Adobe’s site wanted to charge me money so (as they have more money than me already) I searched elsewhere and found a free download, which which appeared to be intended to work with Firefox and it worked fine! So problem solved. The WordPress “stats” feature is now working in Firefox.
    It is likely that, without your suggestion, I would have assumed that a fix was beyond my capabilities. So thanks again.

  4. welshpurpletree’s husband (Carlos):

    I wouldn’t touch IE with a barge pole! FF or Safari all the way, due to speed and security. People just need to be told there are other browsers than just the one pre-installed. I believe IE isn’t included in Microsoft updates these days thanks to Opera (same as their Media player http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6998272.stm) you have to go to the website to get the updates. Interestingly the same reasons they’re getting taken/took to court ‘should’ effect Apple with Safari and iTunes getting the updates and software bundled with the OS, but it all comes down to market share.

  5. Welshpurpletree and Carlos, thanks for your comment.
    When I bought this nice shiny new laptop last year I was reluctant to change anything, even to install additional software, just in case I might cause a problem. I must say that it has all worked very well despite the fact that I have conquered my inhibitions since then and have trebled the number of major software packages working in this computer. Despite this, and numerous other programmes downloaded, installed and subsequently uninstalled for one reason or another, I have had no problems. This incident with the Flash Player download has been the first hiccup of any consequence, although IE has begun a habit of stopping dead, as I mentioned in the post.
    To be fair, I am not blaming IE for the failure to download Flash Player, because it looks more like a fault in the original download sequence. However, I am aware of Explorer’s reputation in terms of security, speed etc. My security is looked after (very well I think) by the full (paid for) AVG package. Computer speed is a bit variable but I can’t pin that on IE either, as it could be any of several other factors. So I thought I would try Firefox and hope that it will be more reliable.

  6. I am guessing that the version of Flashplayer that was asking for money was the full version, that would have let you create Flash content, rather than the free player which just lets you see Flash. It’s the same with the Acrobat Reader, vs. the full program that allows you to create PDFs. In any case, glad you got it all straightened out! I have heard that Vista is not so problem-riddled if it came pre-installed, but the folks who tried to upgrade older machines to it were the ones who really suffered. I’m still running XP on a 10-yr-old computer 😉

  7. Thanks Digital Dame I didn’t know about the distinction between the free and paid for versions. Yes, everything is working well now. XP worked quite well for me too on some old hardware – until a hard drive retired abruptly. For once I had everything backed up. I also have a 10-year old Toshiba laptop which is still working (using XP) except for its screen – so it is cabled to a Dell monitor which was part of my first PC, bought about 15 years ago when Windows 3.1 was the current operating system. Those were the days!

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