2 comments on “A nice quiet ride

  1. The idea/thought of riding, I also find apprehension in, caused probably by my mechanical incompetence if things go wrong i.e., punctures and the like. But once I’m out there on the bike it’s great. By the way, we here, in Glynneath had a snowstorm last Wednesday, I’ve just been telling Digital Dame, how the resulting ice has kept me from my commute for the last 2 days.

  2. Even after more than a year in Cardiff I do not feel fully adjusted to the city/suburban environment having spent the previous 20 years in a quite remote rural area. Add to that the fact that I returned to cycling only last year after some 30 years or so and I think that confidence is an issue still (ridiculous really, when I think that I spent years driving in central London without a care in the world). So much has changed, since we lived in a city previously, and not for the better so far as the welfare of cyclists is concerned.

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