8 comments on “Which widgets do you think are essential?

  1. Hi Jo. I agree that comments are very important but I keep up with new arrivals by using the dashboard rather than the site itself (and almost always reply).
    I am beginning to think that all I really need are the archive search, the category list and the blogroll. Any other pages, such as “About” will have links already under the heading picture. Everything else is optional.
    We all had a chuckle at the recent picture of your pigs all standing in line. Brilliant!

  2. I guess it’s all personal preference really. I am continually tweaking my blog.

    I like the clean look of yours. Additional pages might be useful for say cycling blogs, art blogs and your photos? Having them as pages listed at the top makes ifor quicker navigation of the page.

    On my WordPress blog is the option to enable “Top Posts” which you might find handy?

  3. I’m not really sure how much attention people pay to all that stuff in the sidebar, either. Every once in awhile someone will click a link, but not all that often. But then, I don’t get a lot of traffic to begin with. Speaking for myself, I have to admit I don’t spend a lot of time going through links on other people’s blogs. Mostly I just read the blogger’s own posts.

  4. Hi Sandie. I think there is some confusion here – and it could well be me again!
    To have additional pages, as you suggest, is exactly what I had in mind until just before I wrote the above post but I ruled out that idea because, as I understand it, each additional page can contain only one post. I also concluded (as I mention above) that by using post categories I can organise the posts exactly as required.
    My objectives are:
    1/ To remove or avoid non-essential content on the home page while making it easy for visitors to find what they want to read on this blog.
    2/ To make it easy for myself and for visitors to find other blogs via my blogroll.

    So I think I will finish up with the archive search, categories links and blogroll in that order. May well put FLICKR photoS on additional pages. And the other detail is that I am long overdue to replace the heading photo – which will be a lot more colourful.
    Decisions! Decisions!

  5. Digital Dame, I do visit all the blogs in my blogroll, that belong to individuals, at least twice a week and some of them daily. I also watch the dashboard closely to see who is coming and going and where to and from – just out of interest really. I am not trying to build a big following (obviously!). This blogging thing is only a pastime, I suppose, but I do follow links on other blogs as a way of discovering still more blogs to look at regularly and to add to my own blogroll if I like what I see. It’s all fun!

  6. Aha … I didn’t make myself clear I guess.

    I had in mind NO posts on the additional pages BUT, for example, Cycling Links to include cyclists’ blogs and associated websites(Sustrans,equipment and maintenance, etc).

    Your chronological posts about cycling therefore would remain in the main body of the blog with the posts being categorised on the top right.

    Ditto Art – which would enable you to post your favourite pieces of art on the separate page too.

    Now I’m sounding critical which is unnecessary as your blog looks GOOD!

  7. Sandie, thank you, I see what you mean now. Yes, I see merit in the idea. Will finish sorting the home page first, while the brain cells (all three of them) argue about how to use additional pages.

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