4 comments on “A painting at last

  1. I really like your painting … the blue brush pot is lovely. The colours and style are strong and well balanced … the brushes and palette knife are just asking to be used! Well done.

  2. Hi from the other side of the pond. You have a very interesting blog and it thrills me to see a granddaddy enjoying the new technology! I’m only ten years younger than you and just began blogging a little over a year ago. I’m not ready for twitter yet so you are ahead of me! Isn’t the internet a wonder!

    Your crock of brushes is really nice. You are mastering the oil paint very well indeed for the beginner you claim to be. I was looking at posts from last year and really like the vertical painting of a small boat also. You are doing great!

    I was playing with my new widget on my blog (sitemeter) and am now able to see who is visiting my site. That link lead me to you and I am surprised to see my name in your artists list. I’m so honored! I see that I share some space with artists that I admire so much! You made my day!

  3. Hello Marilyn, thank you for your lovely comments. I am pleased to have made your day.
    Have been messing about with computers for 25 years so this granddaddy more or less takes them for granted. In fact I don’t know how we managed, or would manage, without them. We are a family of bloggers. My wife’s blog is “Granny’s Ramblings” and daughter’s is “Jennie’s World Today”, both in the blogroll on the right.
    Thanks for your comments about those two paintings – the only worthwhile ones I have finished in as many years. You should see the rejects! Trouble is, I waste too much time persisting with paintings that are going nowhere, instead of scrapping them and starting afresh. Must try harder.

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