3 comments on “This one’s for Sandie…

  1. By the way, Sandie, it is nice to hear from someone with fond memories of the Gestetner duplicator. Mine was brand new in about 1970, bought direct from Gestetner in (I think) Marylebine Road, London NW1. How proud I was of that machine and of what it could do. Of course we had no idea in those days of what computers would enable us to do in our own homes just a few years later. Come to that. most of us (myself included) to this day,use only a small fraction of the potential available from our PC or laptop.

  2. Oooh just commented and didn’t see that you HAD scanned your handwriting! I like your writing style … perhaps we should all try to do a handwritten post occasionally – it adds to the personality of a blog I think?

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