11 comments on “Handwriting?

  1. My handwriting was legible, though not exactly tidy, and then I went to Uni. I am now like every other woman in my family: I am the only one who can read my handwriting!

    I also have several different styles which come and go as they please. It’s very confusing!

  2. I used to have very neat handwriting, I even won handwriting competitions in junior school. Since giving up work I hardly write anything and I have noticed my writing getting worse – must try harder!

  3. I think it was a degree of confusion that undermined my handwriting. I developed the disciplined and fairly neat Italic style but a more “natural” scribble was always waiting to take over. Then I formed a habit of writing brief notes, reminders etc. in block capitals and became fluent at this. Then I found myself forgetting, when trying to write neatly, how to form some letters (confusion between Italic and scribble!) and even how to join them together. Perhaps I need to take my grandsons to school – and stay there with them!

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  6. I’ve come here via your daughter’s blog.

    My last post was about handwriting too!

    I was interested to read about your Gestetner machine as it brought back memories of the 1970s when I was in charge of printing out reams of stuff for our Arts Association. All those colours of paper, the smoothing on of the waxed sheet onto the drum, the annoyance when the middle of your “o” dropped out occasionally, the smell of the correction fluid. I just loved using it!

    May we see a photo/scan of your handwriting?

  7. Glad you visited my blog .. delighted to have the link .. glad that I found yours through Jennie’s! I look forward to your handwriting scan.

    Ireally like this WordPress Theme of yours – especially the red/maroon stripes edging the header photo!

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