5 comments on “To tweet or not to tweet?

  1. I find it useful for nothing other than sheer noseyness and losing yet more food to my best mate! 🙂 But seriously, I’ve no interest in it for any useful information so I’ve not looked for any. I just use it for gossip, rumour and intrigue!

  2. Hey, I offered you chicken last weekend!

    But yes, if you like the chit chat, Twitter’s great for, erm, twittering on. Serious conversation? Not in 140 characters!

  3. Jo: I am sure my son-in-law can look after himself but me, I’m a sensitive soul so I have decided to stay on Twitter but NOT to follow you – that way avoiding insults (as if you would… …would you?)!
    Jennie: I have found it useful. Already it has put me in touch with information that I might not have discovered otherwise, including news items and forthcoming events, and it has enhanced my enjoyment of certain radio and TV progs by giving me a little insight into the preparations etc. thanks to tweets from certain presenters and reporters. If that’s nosey, then long live nosey! Mind you, I have a lot more time than you to spend playing with this sort of thing so I suppose it has to be a matter of priorities.
    Welshcyclist: No I don’t see it as an alternative to email or blogging but I think it will become an increasingly useful supplement to both as more and more people join up. And why not? As I understand it, it is free unless and until you start to involve your mobile phone and the cost of texting.

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