5 comments on “Speeding case mishandled?

  1. I wish I could enlighten you, but I can only state the obvious. Speeding fines, though, I believe, they are correct to punish those who flout the law, are in practise a method of obtaining funds for both local authorities and central government. As such they are prosecuted in bulk, via computer input/output, the police and prosecutors have neither the time nor the manpower to scrutinise each individual case. Consequently they are left with egg on their faces, when people challenge what they know is wrong. Yet, the majority of people are apathetic or even too lazy to challenge authority. The general consensus is, “there’s no point because, in the end I’ll just be wasting my time”, or “it’ll cost me money.”

    For the police to go back to court to have another go, with no evidence, simply shows what idiots are in place, when scrutiny is actually called for, to make the decision to prosecute.

  2. I think most people have so little experience with the judicial system they find it too intimidating to try to challenge a ticket. I’d bet many people aren’t even aware that they CAN challenge it. The cops then become complacent and think they can do whatever they want because no one will stand up to them. My son challenged a ticket and when the cop didn’t even show up for the hearing the ticket was dismissed. He knew he was in the wrong and so didn’t waste time attending the hearing.

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