7 comments on “Henry is eating

  1. I remember as a child being terrorized by a snapping turtle in front of a friend’s house. When the local ice cream man drove by, he stopped and managed to get the critter into a cardboard box and took him down to the lake to release him. I’m sure we were being very dramatic and turned the whole incident into a great adventure. I can’t imagine it could have actually done us any harm 😉

    Bon appetit, Henry!

  2. Not true! 🙂

    Are they like goats, eating anything in range? It is funny now how terrorized we were as children by that snapping turtle. I can’t imagine a couple of 7-yr-olds wouldn’t have been able to outrun the beast if nothing else.

  3. Mediterranean tortoises like Henry are mainly vegetarians whose food is primarily the green leaves of a variety of plants such as dandelions, clovers, plantains etc. plus a little grass (to provide fibre) and Henry also likes lettuce, some cabbage, strawberries, and slices of apple and grape (he should not be fed high protein foods – such as peas and beans – or other pet foods, or dairy produce or meat). Henry is particularly partial to dandelion flowers (and similar yellow flowers) and when they are too tall for him to reach he will simply push the stalk over, bringing the flower down to his level. He would like to do this to fruit bushes but he is only seven inches long, so not big enough.

  4. I’ve just read every word about Henry and found the experience delightful. Henry himself is, as we say, “quite something”, and your understated humor makes the telling even more fun.
    Is Henry in the garden full time now? I think I remember that it’s still cool and wet there.

    Lovely posts.

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