6 comments on “More Henry!

  1. Now I’ve learnt something about tortoises, thanks, and well done for keeping Henry in such fine fettle for all these years. As I remember tortoises used to be a popular pet, but nowadays I very rarely come across them, so I presume they’re not as popular these days, perhaps a sign of the times?

  2. Partly because (as I understand it) it became illegal to import and sell tortoises some years ago. Also, they are better understood now and more people are becoming aware that they are not as easy to look after as was thought previously. For those who are ready for the challenge of doing the job properly, good information is available via the Internet from the Tortoise Trust and the British Chelonia Group, among others – just Google these organisations and you will find them straight away.
    A sign of the times? I am sure you are right – but don’t start me on that theme or this comment could go on and on!

  3. Fab pics, he looks very content. How long do tortoise live for? I’ve got a feeling my mum used to have a tortoise living in their back garden when she was little, must remember to ask her about it.

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