6 comments on “Henry the Tortoise, 2009 Part 1.

  1. Thanks Jo. Yes, there is a photo. He hardly gave me time to wake up before he took my photo… …but he did make up for it by giving me a nice warm bath! And when I finish this I am going to have a nap. Must take things easy at my age.
    The photo? Oh yes, I forgot that. Well, it seems those WordPress people are having some sort of hiccup with uploading photos, so he has had to email them with all sorts of stuff like screen resolution, and browser and operating system version numbers. Don’t ask me what it all means. I am only a Tortoise and just spelling them makes my head hurt!

  2. I was unable to load a new header image on my other blog (fillingspaces.wordpress.com) the other day, and their tech support had to do it for me. They had no explanation for why I was having difficulties… we’ll see if it’s cleared up as I like to redecorate on a fairly frequent basis.

    Good morning/Spring to Henry! Hope he had a nice nap. I would love to hear how he came to live with you sometime. I’ve always been fond of turtles and tortoises, and have jewelry and statues of them. Don’t know why, I just think they’re cool 😉

  3. Hi, Digital Dame: When I had the photo problem I put a post on the WordPress help forum and received a response from WordPress saying that they had been making some changes recently which had caused the problem and that I should email them direct – which I have done today and am waiting for a reply.
    More about Henry later.

  4. Welcome back Henry, hope you had a nice sleep. When I was reading about you giving him a nice bath, I remembered all the episodes I watched of Blue Peter of them putting their tortoise in a box to hibernate, then giving him some food and a wash when he woke up.

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