3 comments on “The exercise bike

  1. Well, at least you don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire! I was thinking about getting a trainer (one of those things you pop your bike into, holds the back wheel and the front wheel rests on a stand) for the winter but haven’t yet. I have a NordicTrak at home that I’ve been using, especially while I was snowed in that week. It’s nice to be able to get some kind of exercise.

  2. I bought one of those trainers last week, I like the idea of riding my bike, attached to it, with the bike already set up to fit me etc.. As to exercise bikes, I’m afraid I just find them so boring. I know it will be the same on the trainer, but I only purchased it, to use when the roads are icy, when I’m too scared to use the bike to commute. Otherwise I consider myself to be a dedicated commuter cyclist. Now the icy conditions have disappeared, and as yet I haven’t even got the trainer out of the box.

  3. Haha, welshcyclist! Kind of like the tire chains I’ve got on backorder for my car. By the time they get here it will almost be spring. Let me know if you break out the trainer how you like it. When I’m stuck indoors on the NordicTrak I pop in a movie to watch. TV is too annoying with all the commercials, it doesn’t distract me enough from the monotony of the workout.

    I have a hard time with exercise bikes. I know this won’t make sense, but for some reason I always pull my knee riding those things. My real bike doesn’t do it, just the stationary bikes. I have no idea what the difference is, maybe they just don’t fit me the way my road bike does. I probably never put too much effort into adjusting the seat and all.

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