6 comments on “A fresh start? We’ll see.

  1. Good to see you back in print, so to speak. I, like your other blog readers, no doubt, have missed your comments and insights. I know what you mean about finding time to go to work(something you’ve no more need to worry about), since I started riding my bike, and the fact I work shifts, have both combined to make work a place I only put up with. I’d much rather be out in the fresh air on my bike. Currently, I’m not commuting on my bike, after a bad fall on ice, and now have an over the top fear, of a repeat performance, I haven’t been on the bike for approx., 3 weeks. Consequently I’m seriously considering getting a trainer gizmo to fit the bike on to. I know it’ll be boring as hell, compared to the real thing, but I’ve got to do something, while I wait for this infernal cold snap to disappear, or I’ll lose all my conditioning, and be heaving a whole lot more of me around. Keep those posts coming.

  2. Thanks for your comments Welshcyclist. Sorry to hear about your fall. I am sure you will be fine when back on the bike again. Apparently we are due some mild weather very soon so I, too, will be out there trying to get rid of the Christmas surplus! Mind you, this extra cold spell might not be all bad news if it kills a few of the nasty viruses that are about at the moment.

  3. Hi, justwilliams

    I like coming over to your site, and love the randomness. If it was all about politics, I wouldn’t bother. There’s plenty of blogs that focus on that. I like popping over here because it is like having coffee with a friend – the conversation is very fluid and I never know what you are going to post next.

    Considering painting, you really need to stick with painting on those gray days. I have daylight almost everyday here in Texas, and complain that it messes with my values! Painting is hard, and actually those overcast days are working in your favor. The problems that you are having are probably those that any painter has – until we learn how to stay within certain value ranges, we will not be happy with the results. Therefore, I would say that the problem is not the lighting, but in values that are placed on the canvas.

    I especially like your stories from your past, and would be sad to see you give those up.

    Thank you,


  4. Sounds like you’re finding lots to keep you busy during these dark, cold days!

    @Welshcyclist: Have you tried studded tires? I know there are people who bike commute through horrendous winters in places like Minnesota here in the US, and up in Canada (Les Faber has video of bike messengers in Montreal in the snow at cyclemania.ca!). I haven’t tried them myself, but may yet. Hope you’re recovering from your fall.

    I was thinking about a trainer too, with all the rain we get here it just about erases 6 months out of the year for biking. I don’t think I’ve been on my bike now for two months. Argh.

  5. Thanks Lavanna. I had intended to write a short series of stories from my past. With such encouragement, perhaps I should look at this idea again.
    As regards painting, I have only one particular difficulty (which, some would say, is that I just can’t paint!) and it really is shortage of light on dull days at the times when I am able to spend painting. Yes I have umpteen other problems because I am only a novice but by far the greatest is the task of mixing the right colours when working in poor light.
    I am looking forward to producing a bit more “randomness” in time for our next “coffee morning”.
    Digital Dame, it’s good to hear from you. I have had only a couple of short trips on the bike in the past several weeks. An exercise bike is a poor substitute but I have found one useful and will post about it in the next day or two.

  6. I agree with Lavanna – the blogs I enjoy are those who open a window on their world and invite others to peek their heads through to share the good times (and the bad). Blogging isn’t about following a script – write X words on Y topic and get Z hits / comments. The most interesting blogs are the ones who write what they want to write – i.e. scenes from their life, things they’ve seen or done or overheard. The funny, the mocking, the sad. Real lives by real people.

    Or maybe I’m just nosey?!

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