5 comments on “No recession online?

  1. They don’t want you to ask questions, JW, they simply want you to place your order. Anything else putrs them to too much trouble (and they may not know the answers to your questions anyway). Sadly, that’s the way the world is today, particularly the virtual world.

  2. Still no response from those sluggards? Post the name of the company, or write their CEO (if you still give a hoot). It is possible your message didn’t make it through or was honestly missed. If they get a lot of e-mail, it’s hard to say. If you don’t think that’s the case and you’re still ticked off, write the CEO. I hate to cost anyone their job, especially these days, but if they’re not doing it anyway maybe it should go to someone who needs the job more.

  3. Nice to hear from you Digital Dame – I’m afraid I have been a bit off blogging recently.
    As you say, it is just possible that they didn’t receive my enquiry – though, in my experience, emails bounce back when not delivered. So they need to sort out their communications, if they are bothered that is.
    I spent my working life giving the best poossible service to my customers, in the hope that they would both recommend and come to me again in the future. Apart from this, what satisfaction is there in not doing a job to the best of one’s ability?
    So I have no patience for poor service. If a business wants my money then they had better convince me that they deserve it – otherwise I vote with my feet. It is not always the most convenient option for me but while we all put up with mediocre service we will get more of the same.
    End of rant!

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