2 comments on “Here we go again!

  1. God that sucks! There’s just no other word for it. Sounds like you’re being targeted for some reason, maybe it’s just proximity to their getaway path. I’d bet real money it was the same one(s) who hit it the first time. What about installing motion detector lights on the driveway, and maybe a couple other points on the house to light up this alley they use as an escape route? Maybe even a couple CCTV cameras (even if you don’t wire them up, having a couple dummy cameras might discourage them from trying again). I’d guess it’s someone new to the area, roaming around to see what they can get into. If he/she/they haven’t already done time in juvy, they will, if not for this for other stuff. Can the police pull records of any kids recently released from juvy in your area? They can’t release the records to you, since they’d be minors (my guess is this little schmuck is 13-16 yrs of age) but maybe they could keep a surreptitious eye on them.

  2. You are correct Digital Dame. It is certainly due to the proximity of the getaway route. 5-6 other cars were within 30-40 yards of mine at the time, the nearest one only 6 feet from mine (but that much further from the path). The fundamental problem for some years now has been a shortage of police so that minor crime such as this gets noted (if it is reported) and that is all. There is so much going on and so little evidence that plenty of people don’t even bother reporting it. Am considering cameras, lights etc., but real ones and all around the house.

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