8 comments on “Farming memories 1

  1. Funny how so often in this life people are quick to criticize, but save the complements until you’re halfway out the door. After having had enough experiences similar to yours, I’ve learned to be quick with the praise, while trying to keep the rest to myself unless there’s some compelling reason why it has to be said.

    Teaching cows to queue up, though, now that’s a rare skill, indeed.

  2. I’m also impressed by the polite cows. I’ve met people like this too- I’m never sure if it’s genuine kindness, or if they’re trying to look kind. I’ve met people who do the opposite too- noce to you and then say all kinds of nastiness about you…

  3. Reading this makes me appreciate the cushy life I’ve had! I always knew farming was hard work, but what a great experience it must have been, in spite of all the downsides. How nice to find out at the end that your hard work and dedication was SO appreciated!

  4. Re-reading it makes me shudder to realise that John and I both worked near enough 100 hours per week including breakfast and lunch breaks. Even when I became used to the job I would be in bed by 8pm latest so as to be up again and out at 4am. Those were the days, before “health and safety” and “human rights” when you did the job properly or there would be someone else doing it the following week!
    However, working with the animals more than compensated and, as you have seen, provided happy and lasting memories.
    Thanks to all of you for your comments.

  5. I can verify that JWs farming memories stayed with him. When Jennie was a small baby I was a very nervous mother (despite, or maybe because of! being a midwife) and was getting in a bit of a state one night when she wouldn’t settle and seemed very unhappy.
    “When we had calves lke this” he announced,”we used to cover them with straw and make them cosy and they were usually alright by morning!”
    Not having a plentiful supply of straw at the time, I swaddled her in a blanket and sure enough by next morning she was fine!

  6. Hi, justwilliams.

    I LOVE THIS! Oh, my goodness – teaching cows parlor manners – what a hoot. Making them que up, and giving all 60 of them names. This just couldn’t get any better. BRAVO!

    ~Lavanna Martin

  7. Did I make it sound as if I was running a sort of Swiss finishing school for cows? Well, perhaps not quite that, and it was only the older 35-40 in the separate yard that were given names, and it wasn’t easy to think of all those names – and then remember them! To be honest, it took me much longer to be able to tell the young calves apart – maybe because they rushed around so much, whereas there was more time to study the older ones.

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