6 comments on “Orange (dis)connections

  1. What a complicated online life you lead, to be sure. As for me, I simply plug a few wires in here and there and everything seems to happen as it should. I’ve not yet got round to trusting my communications lifelines to these newfangled “wireless” thingies. (Hello, is anyone there? Hello? Hello?)

  2. Nick: Thanks for your comment, Complicated? Not really. Our main computers here and in my daughter’s household are laptops on wireless connections and the convenience of being able to use them anywhere in the house is just amazing.

  3. To Disgruntled (http://cityexile.wordpress.com/): Apologies for deleting your comment but thanks for commenting. I discovered that the procedure that I had described, concerning Wordpad, produced inconsistent results so deleted it to avoid misleading other visitors to this blog. As a result viewers would be left wondering about the reason for your comment. However, I will try your suggestion, ie. writing posts in Notepad and then copying and pasting into WordPress – it could be useful until such a time as we have a more reliable internet connection..

  4. I’ve had the same problem, typed up, at a snails pace, a number of paragraphs, only to lose them on an internet wobble, as I call them. Just wish I could type faster and be more succinct, could then get the job done properly.

  5. Disgruntled: As you said, Notepad seems to be the answer rather than Wordpad – not that I ever doubted you. Actually there seems to be a button (on the writing page in WordPress) which leads to a procedure for importing Word (and Wordpad?) but the Notepad route is so simple that I think I will stick with it.
    Welshcyclist: Yes, my Orange wireless set-up has “wobbled” again this morning for reasons unknown. This time I switched off the power to the Livebox for a couple of minutes and then on again. After a further couple of minutes the Livebox was back to normal. The secret, when writing a post online, seems to be to save it frequently but check the connections icon at bottom right of the screen before each save, just to ensure that the connection is on and at full power. Don’t rely on the lights on the Livebox, as I have done in the past. It appears that a poor signal doesn’t necessarily alter the normal appearance of the lights – but you will lose the post if you try to save it when yoiu have a poor signal. Best to leave it alone and wait. As I have said before, these hiccups often right themselves after a few minutes but, if you do try to repair things by turning the Livebox (or equivalent) off and on again it should not affect the unsaved post in your computer.
    Oh, and you are not alone. I type slowly as well! Actually, that’s not quite true – I type quite quickly but then take some time to edit it all. So the effect is the same. You might say why not type it more slowly and get it right the first time. Promlem is, if I don’t type it quickly I am in danger of forgetting what it was that I wanted to say!

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