4 comments on “Ross, Brand and the BBC

  1. Man,
    You are one angry bitter person. How do you know that you know all the facts of what happened. Why do you think you know more than the people doing the investigating? It isn’t the kind of country we live in to jump to conclusions and then think about it later. We have a fair and just society, hopefully that still means anything and it should pervade all areas of society, the BBC may have messed up with this one, but that doesn’t mean they are ‘evil and bad’ That is just a knee-jerk reaction and stinks of being more American than British.

  2. 1. The main facts of what had happened had been confirmed by the principal parties involved well before I wrote this post.
    2. How much investigation do you want? All it needs is for the BBC to replay their recording of the programme – minutes, not days.
    3. What on earth is angry and bitter about stating the facts and asking a few straightforward questions?

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