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  1. Really sorry to hear it. I was afraid when I started reading this that you were going to relate being mugged while cycling, or having your bicycle stolen! Well, that stinks that they did that to your car. I know just how you feel, been through it several times (vandalism, and had the stereo stolen once. Luckily, it wasn’t a very good one, the one I replaced it with is better 😉 ) What a hassle. Other than the window, is there any other damage to the car? The police don’t come out here either, they’ll take the report over the phone, but that’s it. I just report stuff for statistical purposes.

    Does wreck the whole evening, though, doesn’t it?

  2. What a pain! I’ve seen a couple of cars with broken windows over the last couple of weeks, both of them older cars. Wonder if it’s the same gang, although probably too far for them to walk into the village.

  3. How very strange – we had exactly the same thing happen to our car (parked on the street outside our house) on Thursday last week, except that whoever did it broke one of our rear lights as well. And four other cars in our street suffered the same damage on the same evening. Senseless, stupid, and bloody irritating!

  4. Thanks for all your comments.
    Digital Dame: No, there was no other damage worth mentioning and I was greatly relieved to note that the paintwork remained untouched.
    Welshpurpletree: My neighbour reckoned that the youths had been drinking and probably were returning from Old St Mellons along the shortcut past our house to St Mellons proper or Trowbridge. Probably not the same gang as operate in your area.
    Jo: I will start my tour of Cardiff’s scrapyards tomorrow. I can think of things I would rather be doing!
    Nick: I have been scratching my head ever since trying to work out what sort of mentality it takes to behave like this. It is not as if the hooligans are poor – they can afford to drink and smoke at today’s prices. They probably have more disposable income (or state benefits) than me.

  5. Sorry to hear your news, I take a very pessimistic view of where our society is headed, and neither I, nor the powers that be, know how to put things right. I believe I can see where things went wrong, or at least, started to go wrong. That was when the Labour government got rid of the 11-plus, Grammar schools, and put an end to competitive sport in schools. The rot has been pretty steady ever since. There is no respect for anything or anyone, we now live in a culture of self, which denies that anyone else should have anything which the self cannot have, or be without, and so becomes fair game to be despoiled or destroyed.

  6. Sorry to hear the news, and glad to hear that you are unharmed, and coping. I am particularly sympathetic since we were burgled last year, which took a lot of effort to sort out, and we have just received the notice of the increased premium on the house insurance.

    At risk of starting something off, why go down the fruitless route of blaming a Labour government for abolishing grammar schools, or for that matter, a Conservative government for the usual list? All that was donkey’s years ago. This is loutish behaviour, and those responsible are the people who did it. Or are you suggesting that we can all go around smashing car windows, on the pretext that we were damaged by some obscure government policy in the distant past?

    Leave the blame where it lies.

  7. Thanks for your comment GOM1. The short answer to your question is that (a) I agree that those responsible are the people who did it and (b) I do not believe that to seek out the influences that have led to this behavior is “fruitless”. My incident was trivial. Hundreds of car windows are smashed by mindless louts around the country every week. At the other end of the spectrum of utterly loutish behaviour – which includes the burglary and beating up of old ladies in their own homes – are the three fatal street stabbings that have happened in England in the past week alone (plus the almost 40 in London this year). Of course I am not trying to justify this behaviour. I am saying that the reasons why a minority of the population seems to think that this is an acceptable way to behave are staring us in the face if anyone bothers to look, and so are the solutions to the problem, which may not be quick or easy. The alternative it to continue shrugging our shoulders as a society, living in denial and putting up with more and more of the same while doing next to nothing about it, which is exactly what we have been doing over the past several years.
    Oh, and by the way, I haven’t mentioned The Government once… …yet!

  8. Hi, justwilliams.

    Sorry to hear about the car vandalism. We had a similar incident two years ago on this side of the “pond”.

    My daughter’s window was smashed in the middle of the night. It was quite frightening. Good neighbors came over and duck taped in a piece of cardboard to cover the smashed window. The police came and filed a report that went out into the ether. The next morning, my husband was about to leave for work when he noticed that he had a slashed tire. Another police report was written up and sent to vandalism ether.

    ~Lavanna Martin

  9. It is depressing to discover how many people have had similar experiences in the recent past.
    I received the standard letter from the police today, signed by a Chief Inspector, which stated (among other things) that “The investigation to date has not established sufficient evidence to identify the offender…”
    Hardly surprising really as, five days on, there has been no “investigation to date”. Is this Chief Inspector not bright enough to realise that this sort of careless lying to the public does nothing to encourage us to co-operate with the police when they need our help?

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