5 comments on “Still battling the bugs

  1. Perhaps it’s time to call in the cavalry on your ailment, and visit your doctor to see if there’s something more serious going on. Some antibiotics may be in order. I checked out your wife’s blog, but didn’t leave any comments. What a great idea for her to record her memories. Now maybe if you go dancing with her, she’ll start bicycling with you! 🙂

  2. Oh – I made the A-team! (sorry, list)

    Bad news on the lingering cold. Try whisky and hot lemon – it doesn’t work, but it makes you feel better all the same!

  3. Lavanna: Welcome aboard!
    Digital Dame: Thank you. Will follow your advice (about the doctor) this week. As for the rest -I should have anticipated that as soon as my wife started blogging you women would stick together! Ah well. I knew already that I was outnumbered. By the way, she was very excited by having her first visitor (you) from the USA.
    Disgruntled: The cold has gone but I’ll settle for the whisky – when not cycling of course!

  4. I just popped over to see if you had posted. Are you still under the weather?
    Here is my grandmother’s elixir for a cold: Honey, whiskey, and lemon. She used to dip a butter knife in a jar of the concoction and let it slather the back of our throats.


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