5 comments on “Blog review

  1. you’re a bit harsh! I link for two reasons – either because I’ve found a blog I like and I want to keep checking out, or because someone asks or someone I know has a blog and I link to it as a favour (as long as the blog isn’t repellent). I don’t really expect a link back to the ones I link to because I like them, though it’s obviously nice if they do. And I don’t always reciprocate, either, if someone links to me. I do like to keep my blogroll short and tend to operate a rough one-in-one-out policy. But your blog, your rules!

  2. Harsh? Not deliberately so I assure you. Surely the objective of blogging is communication, preferably two-way communication wherever possible. My “rules” are not set in concrete. They are more in the nature of guidelines to nwhich there have to be exceptions. If anyone is unhappy about being deleted then it can be reversed. I am very approachable (pjrw08@yahoo.co.uk) and it’s as simple as that.

  3. I’m not sure I entirely know what the objective of blogging is … but I suppose I meant to say that you’re much more definite in your policies than I am. Of course it takes me ages to get around to linking to anyone, so maybe some clearer guidelines would help.

  4. Phewww – You kept the link to me! Sorry for being absent of late. Just returned from a stupendous cycling vacation in the Netherlands. You can read more about it at http://www.cyclemania.ca.

    I agree with your linking strategy to a certain point. I do link to some sites. But have not gone wild so to speak. And I only link to sites I feel have something to offer (and are well-maintained).

  5. Hi Les, had I cut your link it would have been my loss rather than yours. I am aware of your recent tour and have postponed reading about it until I can do so all at one sitting.

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