5 comments on “Cycling, painting, blogging…

  1. I wish you good luck with the painting and look forward to perhaps seeing some of the results here. I had always thought that cycling (which takes time) and painting (which takes time) might be mutually incompatible, but I look forward to you proving me wrong.

  2. Aw thanks for the mention! Hey, how about strapping a canvas to your bike and working en plein air? Two birds, one stone that way.

    Oh, and I agree about the artificial light thing – I absolutely never paint after dark.

    Look forward to seeing your results.

  3. Thanks to you both.
    Nick you are right. And to make matters worse they both prefer the same time, ie. around midday to early afternoon when traffic is light and daylight is good.
    Yes, Paintinglady, eventually I hope to take the sketching kit (at least) out on the bike.
    Unfortunately, today looks like becoming one of those “lights on at noon” days.

  4. I would love to see some of your paintings. I’ve recently started to have a go at drawing and painting again and I’ve posted photos of my attempts, have a look I’d appreciate any feedback about them.

  5. I love your blog; there is so much to cultivate here!

    I didn’t know how to respond to your query on my blog because I am a n00b – didn’t want you to think that you were being ignored regarding your post.

    You asked me some specific questions, and upon your permission, I would like to address those in the near future.

    I notice that you are trying to paint with available light. I might talk about that, too.

    Thank you~Lavanna

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