7 comments on “A September update

  1. Still, when deprived of a justly anticipated summer (I hear you folks have been really cheated) it’s hard not to feel annoyed. Here in Oregon, where the rains will probably start mid-October and continue until roughly June (no joke. Some years are worse than others, but it really does drag on that long), we get cabin fever ‘long about February. It’s dark when we go to work in the morning, rainy and gray all day, then dark again by the time we drive home at night. Blech. I expect to be going stark, staring mad by April at the latest.

  2. Oddly, summer never really came to Los Angeles, either, at least not here along the coast. Normally, we should have sunshine and temps in the 80s and 90s from July through October; this year, we’ve had fog and clouds, with highs mostly in the 70s, and now we show every sign of a very early fall. Not exactly something to complain about when so many others have much bigger problems to deal with, but still, not what one expects here in L.A.

    I hope you’ll find at least few dry days when you can enjoy riding without the foul weather gear. And keep up the great writing.

  3. For some reason our Summer in Ottawa was not too bad. Weird rain storms almost every day though (late afternoon).

    Expect the bike blogs in the Northern hemisphere to cool down a bit (excuse the pun). We’ll be buried in snow from November through March for sure. There are some folks that cycle here year-round though (crazy Canucks!).

    ~ L

  4. It was all over the (weather)map here. Cooler than usual for the most part, then a few days in the 90s and 100s, then a week later raining and in the 60s… I guess even the weather can have Multiple Personality Disorder.

    Les, winter will be a good time to catch up on reading. I’ve got a bunch of bikey books on my list to get through during the dark days ahead. I understand they actually make studded bike tires for those hardcore cyclist who ride through the snow!

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