10 comments on “The worst drivers

  1. 1. commuters, especially in the morning when they aren’t actually awake
    2. women with kids in the back (or probably men with kids in the back but its usually women)
    3. 4×4 drivers

    But worst of all is the person with kids in the back in a 4×4 who is going on to work after the school run

    (that’s from cycling in London, btw. Up here, I don’t meet enough drivers to get a representative sample but I suspect GOM1 is right)

  2. There have even been studies by insurance companies on who the worst drivers are according to zodiac signs! Seriously, you can Google it and find a number of articles about it. Pretty funny. Worst drivers in my opinion? Anyone, regardless of age or gender talking (or god forbid, texting) on a cellphone as they drive.

  3. I imagine that the poll must have been based on multi-choice questions in view of the generalized answers produced. After all, not ALL elderly drivers of BMWs are bad! As for drivers of white vans, they could well be the safest of all the groups shown above, when you take into account the enormous mileages they cover each year.

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  5. Drivers of two-door SUVs are the worst. They actually attempt to run cyclists off the road and use other intimiation tactics. The other types of drivers merely don’t pay attention to the road.

    Then again, I also drive a red BMW on weekends.

  6. I think it’s fair to say that cyclists when driving have a better idea of how to behave around other cyclists.

    So, while being “elderly” and driving a BMW may appear to move you up the list, I suspect there’s a rather bigger move down the list by being a cyclist.

  7. As a 4×4 driver who pays attention to what she’s doing and sticks to the speed limit, my vote is for all drivers, regardless of their car, who don’t just bend the limit, but break it outright. I often feel as though I’ll be the cause of a crash on the Newport road, to name but one example, in Cardiff, as I appear to be the only one who has spotted the 30 sign…

    That might not be relevant from a cyclist’s point of view, but I feel better for saying it!!

  8. Welcome to the blog Jo. I am sure you are not one of the 4×4 drivers that people are complaining about. In fact I must be very lucky to have done most of my cycling so far in the St Mellons, Marshfield and Castleton areas where I have found the drivers, even of 4x4s, to be most civilised and considerate.

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